Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to deal with rejection in science in two easy steps

Step 1: make a list your recent rejections

Update: Nov 20: Danish Council for Strategic Research (NABIIT, second-round):
The program committee found that this was an interesting, relevant and support-worthy application associated with an important and fundamental issue. 
Unfortunately, however, when prioritizing support-worthy applications yours was not not given sufficiently high priority to receive support. 
Nov 12: European Research Area – Industrial Biotechnology framework (second-round):
We would like to inform you that your proposal EIB.12.031 DZYME was evaluated positively by the ERA-IB Expert Panel in its meeting on the 16th October. Unfortunately, not all positively evaluated proposals can be granted due to a limited budget of some of the national and/or regional funding organisations.

Oct 10: The Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences (FTP; translated from Danish):
The council finds your application worthy of support.  However, the councils funds are insufficient to fund all qualified applications.  The council has in this round funded 29 applications out of 280.
Oct 3: The Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences (FNU; translated from Danish):
Your application was found very worthy of support.  This means that your professional qualifications, your CV, and your project was of such quality and character that it would have been funded had there been sufficient funds.
Papers (see this post)
Nov 1: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
All manuscripts submitted to Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics are initially evaluated by the Editors to ensure they meet the essential criteria for publication in the journal. I’m sorry to say that on this occasion your paper will not be considered further because it is not of sufficient novelty and impact to appeal to our readership.
Sep 29: Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
"In my judgment, your submission is inappropriate for JCIM; it would be rejected upon full review."

Step 2: well ... uhm ... 

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