Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paying for PeerJ articles ... is easy

The PeerJ pricing scheme can seem a little confusing at first but it is actually pretty easy to use in my experience.

We recently submitted a paper, which is now accepted!, and we have just submitted a new paper. I am the corresponding author on both and pay for all the authors.

When we submitted the first paper I simply made a free account on PeerJ and submitted the paper. When the reviews came back I decided that it was very likely that they would accept the paper so I paid $99 for a basic membership for all the authors (Martin, Luca, Casper, and myself).

We have now submitted a second paper.  Martin, Luca and myself are co-authors together with Julie, Christian, Werner and Allan - but Casper is not a co-author this time.  Below is a screenshot of one of the pages I see on my PeerJ account when I log in (it also contains email addresses, which I have censored).

As you can see PeerJ makes it very easy for me to see how much I have to pay for each co-author. To pay, I simply check the appropriate action boxes and click an "upgrade now" button further down the page.  Of course, I'll wait for the reviews before making a decision.

I assume the web-page will also keep track of the date of the last submission by a particular co-author so that, for example, Casper can publish another article for free next year without needing to upgrade.

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