Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Should I become an editorial board member at Scientific Reports?

This is one of those "trying to get my head around something" posts.
* It's open access
* Uses CC-BY
* no perceived importance criteria

* It's too expensive. The APC is of $1495 and no option for waivers
+PeerJ has shown it can be done for less. If you need to charge more you are either doing it wrong or you are too greedy.
* Because of this, I wouldn't publish there.  Anything bio-related would go to +PeerJ and the very few papers that aren't would to to PLoS ONE, usually with a full or partial APC waiver (unless it is directly related to an active grant).
* Why should I work for Macmillan?

On the face of it, I should decline the invitation. Comments, as always, welcome.

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