Monday, January 31, 2011

QM/MM course: who presents what when?

This post opens a thread where people enrolled in the QM/MM course can discuss (or simply let other people know) their preferences for time slots and papers.  Hopefully we can get some kind of agreement before Thursday.  Here is the original mail:

For those of you taking the QM/MM course for credit, you will need to pick an applications paper (from the list) and decide when you want to present it. 

I will cover the first two weeks:  Week 1 will be QM/MM background, and Week 2 will be on the paper by Yang (which I think is the most difficult one).

That means one of you has to be ready to give a presentation in about 3 weeks (February 17).  One option is that we simply choose randomly on Thursday (both weeks and papers).  Another option is that you come to some agreement amongst yourselves before then.  Now you have each others email addresses.

The other dates are: Feb 24, March 10, March 17, March 24,  and March 31

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