Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tools for the lazy teacher

Here are my slides for my talk at the meeting of the Theoretical Chemistry section of the Danish Chemical Society.

Here are links to the sites and programs I discuss: (
The cyclohexane Jmol example
ChemDoodle Web Components demo using Molgrabber
Molecular Workbench model of entropy (link to Molecular Workbench)
Avogadro model builder (see also this post on the autoopt tool)
Pen- and Screencasts
Khan Academy
Wolfram-Alpha (see also this post)
Online homework using Peerwise (I recommend the last video on this page)

Update: check out the Molecule Calculator!

Questions?  Leave a comment below!


Janus J. Eriksen said...

Dear Jan.

I do not know whether it is my browser (Chrome) that's acting up or whether you have indeed included a few minor typos in your presentation? I see typos in:

Slide # 1 - 4th row, 2nd column (soEware)
Slide # 9 - 1st row, 4th column (ti000)
Slide # 9 - 2nd row, 3rd column (ti0)
Slide # 10 - 1st row, 2nd column (ti0,000)

Anyway, it looks great. Looking forward to the presentation on Friday.

Jan Jensen said...

The problem was with the slideshare convertion. It is now fixed. Thanks for spotting it.

luca said...

Nice slides! I'm sorry I won't be there to listen to you, but as you can see from two next posts I'm already doing some "lazy" activities!

Rafael R. Pappalardo said...

I am regularly using a Wacom tablet to lecture. I was thinking about changing to something more compact, i.e. a tablet, because now I need to carry the wacom, the netbook, the notes,... Could you explain what do you mean by Ipad writing, max 10 minutes?
Thanks in advance,

Rafael R. Pappalardo
Univ. de Sevilla (Spain)

Jan Jensen said...

"iPad writing" means that for people who have only ever written on paper, writing on the iPad takes a little getting used to (although not as much as with the Wacom tablet): You have to be careful where to rest your hand and the stylus tip is quite thick compared to a regular pen.

"max ten minutes" refers to making pencasts with the Replaynote app. You can currently only make pencasts that last 10 minutes or less.

First I should note that I don't lecture using the iPad. If you have an iPad2 you can display any app using an LCD projector and an adapter. The app I use for writing is called Penultimate. The only disadvantage is that you don't have continuous scroll, but rather paging. With SketchBook you have continuous scrolling, plus other features such as zoom, but I find accessing the tools a bit cumbersome. So I haven't found the perfect "lecture app" yet.