Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PLoS ONE resubmission trouble

2012.05.28 Update: Point 2 was also their mistake.  Another sincere apology.

2012.05.25 Update: The manuscript was sent back again because of point 2.  I don't understand it.  Table 1 and 2 is referred to on page 5 and 6 respectively.  Very annoying.

2012.05.24 Update: Point 1 was a mistake.  I even received their sincere apologies. We should be able to ship it off later today.

Just go the email reproduced below.  I am really puzzled about point 1 as we formulated an extensive response and have sent an email to the editor asking for clarification.

Meanwhile we'll check point 2, which is a little annoying since the paper hasn't been accepted yet.

A Computational Methodology to Screen Activities of Enzyme Variants

Dear Dr. Jensen,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript entitled "A Computational Methodology to Screen Activities of Enzyme Variants" to PLoS ONE.  Your manuscript files have been checked in house but before we can proceed, we need you to address the following issues:

1)  Please amend your Response to Reviewers letter to include a point by point response to each of the points made by the Editor and / or Reviewers.

2)  Please ensure that you refer to Table 1 and 2 in your text as, if accepted, production will need this reference to link the reader to the Table.

Your manuscript has been returned to your account. Please log on to PLoS Editorial Manager at http://pone.edmgr.com/ to access your manuscript.

Your manuscript can be found in the "Submissions Sent Back to Author" link under the New Submissions menu. After you have made the changes requested above, please be sure to view and approve the revised PDF after rebuilding the PDF to complete the resubmission process.

Please note that these changes have been requested to comply with submission guidelines and your manuscript will *not* be sent to review until you have fully adhered to our requests.  Once your paper has been seen by an Editor we may return it to you for further information or amendments.

Thank you for submitting your work to PLoS ONE.

Kind regards,

Shailja Singh

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