Saturday, May 17, 2014

Notes from Michael Staton's talk at EduDisrupt

Last Wednesday I attended the morning session of the EduDisrupt meeting in Copenhagen.  The talk that interested me most was by venture capitalist Michael Staton, a former history teacher (some things he has written here and here).  Towards the end of the talk he flashed up four slides with companies he has invested in and some of them sounded pretty interesting.  I managed to take picture of the last 3 so I could look them up later, which is what I am doing now.

Slide 1

I am pretty sure Udemy and Edmodo was on it.

Slide 2 (shown above)

Talent sourcing: Brilliant

Evidenced hiring: HireArt

Industry assessment: Kalibrr

Slide 3

Peer motivation: NovoEd

Coached curriculum: Bloc

Expert guidance: popexpert

Slide 4

Distributed schooling:



General Assembly

Gap year

Can we, teachers or universities, provide similar services or use similar tools to identify, help, retain, and promote students?

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