Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Planned papers for 2016

Just like last year: a plan for the yeat.  Last year I was wildly optimistic with regard to "probable" papers: prediction = 10, actual = 4, so I'll try to be more conservative this time around.


1. Benchmarking of PM6 and DFTB3 for barrier heights computed using enzyme active site models.
2. pKa prediction using PM6 - part 1
3. Protein structure refinement using ProCS15 - starting from x-ray structure

4. PM6 for all elements in GAMESS, including PCM interface
5. Protein structure refinement using ProCS15 - starting from 5 Å C$_\alpha$ RMSD
6. Vibrational effects on N amide chemical shifts
7. pKa prediction using PM6 - amines
8. Predicting binding free energies for CB7
9. Linear scaling HF-3c calculations by interface to FMO2 in GAMESS
10. Side chain chemical shift prediction with ProCS15
11. Rienstra-like chemical shift assignment in PHAISTOS

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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