Saturday, September 17, 2016

Why I tweet and blog

Update: here is the audio.  Something wen't wrong with Google Hangouts so the slides are missing. Despite the fact that I did a few practice runs yesterday ... and have a PhD in theoretical quantum chemistry.  WTH Google!

Update 2: the trick (in addition to this tip) is to start the Powerpoint slideshow before you start streaming.

On Tuesday I am giving presentations on tweeting and blogging in a Scientific Writing course.  Here are my slides and the message to the students

Dear Scientific Writing students

On Tuesday I will give two presentations: one on tweeting and one on blogging.  You can find the slides below.

You'll also do some writing so please bring a laptop and make sure you can get on Eduroam.

In preparation for Tuesday, please find one science related blogpost and twitter account you think looks interesting and share them on the discussion forum I created on Absalon.

Finally, I may try to live broadcast my talk using Google's Hangout On Air.  I've never tried it, so I am not sure if I can get it to work by Tuesday.  If you are uncomfortable with this, just send me an email and I won't do it.

See you Tuesday!


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