Saturday, November 5, 2016

writing unicode csv files from Excel for Mac

update: ... or you can update Excel to the latest version (15.27) and then you get the option to save as CSV UTF-8 (thanks fxcoudert #twitterrules)

Special characters become corrupted when saving Excel files in the csv format.  There is apparently no easy fix for Mac, so here is what I ended up doing.

Save Excel file as UFT-16 Unicode Text.

Open the file in TextEdit.  Edit > Find > Find and Repace (OPTION-CMD-F)
In the search panel press OPTION-TAB and in the replace window type "," and press "all"
Save the extension to csv when you save the file.

You can also do it in vi
 ”:1,$s/(Press CTRL+v) then (Press TAB)/,/g”

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