Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first attempt at e-publishing

I have made an electronic color supplement to my book.  Read more on Molecular Modeling Basics


Unknown said...

For Ubuntu, I'd recommend Calibre ( which can be installed via the package manager.

Anyone have recommendations for Mac OS X and Windows?

Jan Jensen said...

The file looks pretty when viewed on a Mac with Calibre. The only trouble is that the links associated with the figures do not work. Do they work on Ubuntu?

The links work fine with the epub reader plugin to Firefox.

Unknown said...

It appears that the problems with links are the same on Ubuntu as they are on macs.

It is a shame, however, that there is no possibility to typeset mathematics yet. It is really a limiting factor from a natural sciences perspective.

Jan Jensen said...

Too bad about the non-working links on Calibre.

epub3 includes support for MathML (html for math), so there is hope. The final specs for epub3 should be finished in May, so there is hope we'll see some applications yet this year.