Friday, March 4, 2011

Potential Summer Scholarships with Noel O'Boyle

An interesting opening for summer holiday coding with Noel O'Boyle has been published: An excerpt from the homepage regarding parallelization of OpenBabel:

OpenBabel: optimisation of the MMFF94 routines using OpenMP and OpenCL

At the heart of many computational chemistry modeling suites are the forcefields and their associated energy and gradient functions. One such forcefield, MMFF94 (Merck Molecular Force Field 94), was developed by Thomas A. Halgren at Merck and has become one of the most widely used in the drug design domain.

OpenBabel is an open source cheminformatics project and MMFF94 is one of many forcefields it provides. OpenBabel has been downloaded over 164,000 times and is used by over 40 related projects.

This project will involve the optimisation and parallelisation of the MMFF94 functions within OpenBabel and will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Noel O'Boyle at University College Cork.

Definitely interesting if one has no other business in the summer holidays!

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