Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chemists whose blogs I would love to read

This idea just popped into my head a few hours ago while shopping for groceries, so the list just off the top of my head.  I would love to read about what pops into their heads, what they find interesting at the moment, what annoys them, etc.  Anyway, here is a list with a sentence or two of why I think they might write interesting blog posts. 

Ken Dill.  Because his book Molecular Driving Forces has some really fantastic, simple, examples that beautifully illustrate fundamental concepts in statistical mechanics.

Mark Ratner. Because I heard him give a really well presented Telluride Town Talk once.

Alexander Pines.  Because he gave a a great series of lectures on his work while I was at the University of Iowa.  In some of the talks more than half the time was spent on an overview of the field: you learned a lot, unencumbered by boring details, and understood how his contributions fit into the big picture.

David Baker. Because I think the whole idea behind, and implementation of, the program is pure genius.

Donald Hilvert. Because he made a function enzyme from only 4 amino acids and because the 4 amino acids spell IKEA! That's innovative!

Richard Zare. Pretty much completely outside my field but I have never heard him give a dull talk.

But you may say "Jan, just because they did X doesn't mean they'll write interesting blog posts".  But that's easy to refute: I've always found Anthony Nicholls' talks very interesting and when he finally started a blog, his posts turned out to be very interesting as well.  Case closed.

Anyway, who's on your list?

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Jan Jensen said...

PS: Notice how infrequently Nicholls posts. You don't have to be prolific to be a good blogger