Monday, September 3, 2012

Two open positions in the NanoGeoScience group.

Computational physics/chemistry of solid-fluid interfaces of natural materials.

The NanoGeoScience group at the University of Copenhagen has two openings in computational physics or chemistry; one PhD fellowship and one postdoc position. The successful applicants will be using density functional theory and/or classical force field molecular dynamics to study fundamental interactions between mineral surfaces and complex fluids such as sea water and crude oil.

Our group is international, with about 50 researchers from chemistry, physics, engineering, mineralogy, geology, nanoscience, biology and mathematics.  We work together in a dynamic, friendly team to solve questions of relevance to environment and energy. We combine a unique set of nanoscale techniques with classical methods to understand the fundamental processes that take place at the interface between natural materials and fluids (water, oil, CO2, O2, etc.) and then use the new knowledge to help solve society’s challenges. Some of these include developing methods for ensuring safe drinking water, responsible storage of waste, converting CO2 to mineral form, squeezing more oil from exhausted reservoirs in environmentally responsible ways, and understanding the mysteries of how organisms make biominerals, such as bones, teeth and shells. We are beginning several new projects, funded by the European Commission, the University of Copenhagen and by industry.

More information and how to apply for the positions can be found at

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