Saturday, January 10, 2015

Blog posts, videos and "other publications" for 2014

Every year I have to fill out several "what have you accomplished last year?" forms. I've just send in one of them. There is a section on "other publications", which, I guess, is intended for non-refereed articles and books. But there are now many other ways to disseminate information so I added:

Blogs 69,537 pageviews in 2014 17,964 pageviews in 2014 (group-blog, includes contributions from others)

Active Learning: Tools and Tips ( 1850 pageviews in 2014

Videos 45,074 views in 2014

Presentations 10,397 views in 2014

Software: ca 30,000 pageviews in 2014 44,679 pageviews in 2014

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