Monday, February 28, 2011

Eduroam now available to UC chemistry staff

Students have long had better access to wireless internet than staff in the Department of Chemistry.  But this changed when we got our new and hard to remember user names.  It's just that no-one (I am looking at you, Science-IT) bothered to tell us.   Having said that, when I asked Science-IT I got the following helpful tip:

Follow the instructions for students on this site, and substitute <ki-id> for <ki-id>


luca said...

The "funny" thing is that I asked at least two IT-guys about eduroam when they came to assist with the email address change, and they had no idea! They suggested me I should ask for a fake math address, since they have had access to eduroam since some time.

Jan Jensen said...

I had the same experience. I have since been told the suggestion I posted is not quite official yet (whatever that means), so maybe not everyone at Science-IT is aware of it.