Tuesday, February 15, 2011

European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry 2011

European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry 2011

to be held at Hotel Torre Normanna near Palermo, Sicily, Italy
September 18 - October 1 2011

The European summerschool in quantum chemistry will take place for the 13th time from September 18 to October 1st, 2011. The goal of the school is to introduce the participants to modern methods and computational techniques in quantum chemistry. More and more scientists in different fields of chemistry
are using theoretical methods in their research, either as a technique per se, or as a complement to experimental work. As a result there is a growing need to acquire the background knowledge necessary for skilful use of these methods. The European Summer School in Quantum Chemistry (ESQC) was started with the aim of disseminating such knowledge. The first school was held in August 1989 under the direction of the late Bjørn Roos. The emphasis of the school is more on understanding than on the technical aspects of methods and much time will be devoted to the discussion of different electronic structure problems and the choice of appropriate methods for their solution. The course will consist of both lectures and tutorials.

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