Thursday, February 17, 2011

Positions in Irvine and Singapore

I have several openings for postdoctoral positions in different areas of theoretical and computational chemistry and physics in my group at UC Irvine. I will appreciate it if you could bring this to the attention of suitable candidates.
Thanks for all your help.
Shaul Mukamel
(A) Computational Biophysics
Simulation of amyloid fibril structures and aggregation kinetics, lipid-protein complexes and antibody interactions and how they can be probed by novel multidimensional spectroscopy ranging from the infrared to the ultraviolet.
(B) Attosecond X-ray Spectroscopy of Molecules
Developing time-dependent many-body approaches to nonlinear x-ray core-electron spectra and their description in terms of real-space and real-time wavepackets of electrons and nuclei. Computational tools will be implemented for the design and analysis of measurements involving multiple ultrafast optical and x-ray pulses.
(C) Energy and charge separation in photosynthetic complexes studied by nonlinear spectroscopy
Developing and applying time-dependent density functional, nonequilibrium Green?s Function techniques and exciton models for computing electronic excitations of molecular assemblies, light harvesting complexes and current-carrying molecules. Connection is made to quantum information processing and manipulation.
(D) Nonlinear Spectroscopy with Quantum Optical Fields
New optical signals which use entangled photons, pulse shaping, and coherent control algorithms are designed and simulated for probing molecular relaxations and exciton transport.
Ph.D. is required. Salary will commensurate with experience. Send a curriculum vitae, publication list and arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to:
Professor Shaul Mukamel
Department of Chemistry
1102 Natural Sciences
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-2025
949/824-7600 (phone) 949/824-4759 (fax) (website)
A 2 year postdoctoral position is available in singapore, starting from april-june 2011. The candidate should have experience of computational methods in studying protein-ligand interactions and experience with free energy methods will be an advantage. The project is aimed at fragment screening, small molecule screening, peptide design against a protein of therapeutic interest. We have recently designed and patented a peptide against this target for oncology and it is hoped that this will inspire further developments in this project. The work is in close collaboration with experimental labs (biophysical/cell & molecular biology & zebrafish/mouse models) and with the oncology division of the local hospital, with a rapid turnaround time that helps guide design. It is hoped that it will result in a molecule that will be be taken over by a small local biotech after 2 years. For further details please send cv and get 3 letters of reference sent to


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