Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bill for Casper's first PLoS ONE paper

It's time to pay the #openaccess piper: the bill for Casper's first PLoS ONE paper.  The don't exactly waive their fee waiver option in your face, do they?  Still not clear how one would ask for one, other than replying to the email.  Anyway, I have the dough for this one so I sent the bill on to our administrative unit .... along with all our empty bottles from the Xmas party.

Dear Author,

Thank you for choosing to publish with PLoS - by now you will have received an email confirmation that your article "The Effective Fragment Molecular Orbital Method for Fragments Connected by Covalent Bonds" PONE-D-12-06195 has been accepted for publication. Therefore, please find appended an invoice PAB48066 for this article.

Thank you for publishing with PLoS and congratulations on your upcoming publication!


Author Billing Team

Public Library of Science

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