Sunday, June 24, 2012

First PLoS ONE article accepted! (part 2)

So the paper needs some work (TM). All required details are minor and most of it is regarding the SI. Apparently that information has to be in the paper (maybe for easy referencing?) and uploaded as separate files. Oh well, you learn something new everyday.

Edit 1: So the SI was split up into multiple files and submitted individually, legends were added. Now there is a reference to "Text S1" in the manuscript - we'll see how the production staff handles that. It will be interesting.

Below is the complete message I got:

Dear Mr Steinmann,

Re: "The Effective Fragment Molecular Orbital Method for Fragments Connected by Covalent Bonds"

Before we can formally accept your manuscript, a few revisions are required to enable us to move it quickly to live publication. Please log in to Editorial Manager to see the requested due date for this task (usually within five days of this request). If you require additional time, there is no penalty for submitting this task late. However, your publication date is dependent on how quickly you submit your revised file(s). If you expect to submit your task more than two weeks after the due date, please contact

- You must supply the text of your manuscript as a Word (.doc or .docx), LaTeX (.tex) or Rich Text (.rtf) file. If you are submitting LaTeX files, please see our guidelines for more information on supplying these files:
If you are supplying the text as LaTeX, please include the following files:
- LaTeX source file (.tex)
- Bibliography file (.bib or .bbl)
- Revised PDF

- Please note that while we accept EPS figures for publication, our system currently requires that figures in EPS format be converted to TIFF before they can be hosted online. This will be done automatically during the production process; however, if you'd like to provide your own TIFF versions, you may re-upload your figures in this format now. Please see our Figure Guidelines for our specific requirements:
If you leave the figures in EPS format, please ensure that the fonts are embedded, otherwise we cannot guarantee the published figure will use your intended fonts.

- Supporting Information files should have a numbered title with a leading "S" (for example, "Figure S1") in the online Editorial Manager and should be referenced this way in the text and legends. Please note that ALL included Supporting Information files must be cited in the text of the manuscript. Each Supporting Information item (text, figure, table) should be uploaded as a separate file to the online Editorial Manager.

- Legends for all Supporting Information files should appear at the end of the manuscript in a "Supporting Information Legends" section.

- Funding information should not appear in the Acknowledgments section or other areas of your text, but must be entered into the online Editorial Manager in the Financial Disclosure field. Please remove this text from the manuscript and let us know if you require any changes to the Financial Disclosure that currently reads:
This work was funded by a Schou Fellowship to JHJ from the Danish research Council. CS was sponsored by the insilico rational engineering of novel enzymes (IRENE). URL:
DF is sponsored by Next Generation Super Computing Project Nanoscience Program (MEXT, Japan) and the Computational Materials Science Initiative. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.
Note: To update this information in Editorial Manager please reply to this e-mail and have PLoS staff make the change.

If the revised manuscript will be submitted as a .doc file, please take note of the following guidelines:

- Please provide your standalone equations in Word Equation Editor or MathType.


1.     Log in to
2.     From the Author Main Menu page click on "Current Task Assignments."
3.     In the Action Column, click the "Assignment  Files" option to access your manuscript files. If you don't see a small menu, click on the small + (plus) sign to the left of the word "Action" to open the menu of options.


From the center of the "Submit Task" page, click "Upload File." Clearly label your new files in the Description field. If you need to communicate information about your file revisions, please use the editable email field on the Submit Task page to do so.

DO NOT click "Submit Production Task" until you have uploaded all necessary files. Once you submit this task, you will no longer be able to upload files to Editorial Manager. Note: At this stage our system no longer builds a PDF from your newly uploaded files.

THERE IS NO AUTHOR PROOFING. You should therefore consider the corrected files you upload now as equivalent to a production proof. The text you supply at this point will be faithfully represented in your published manuscript exactly as you supply it. This is your last opportunity to correct any errors that are present in your manuscript files. THE CORRESPONDING AUTHOR IS RESPONSIBLE, ON BEHALF OF ALL CO-AUTHORS, FOR THE ACCURACY OF ALL CONTENT, including spelling of author names and affiliations and completeness of funding information. Please check these carefully.

If you have any questions, please contact

Best wishes,
PLoS ONE Production

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