Saturday, June 2, 2012

Computational Chemistry Highlights: some numbers

Excerpt from an email I sent out to the CCH editors:

CCH has received 8401 page views to date (according to  CCH has 80 subscribers on Google Reader, 38 twitter followers, 24 Google+ followers, and 13 Facebook followers.  Not bad for a site that is roughly 3 months old.

The top 5 viewed posts of the last 30 days are (The page views reflect views where people have specifically clicked the link to the highlight):

Computational Design and Selection of Optimal Organic Photovoltaic Materials highlighted by Jan Jensen on May 20th  with 184 views

ROBIA and Dolabriferol highlighted by Dean Tantillo on May 6th  with 155 views

Steric Crowding Can Stabilize a Labile Molecule: Solving the Hexaphenyethane Riddle highlighted by Shason Shaik on April 16th  with 97 views

Energy Decomposition Analysis in Solution Based on the Fragment Molecular Orbital Method highlighted by Dmitri Fedorov on May 18th  with 93 views

Hydrogen-bond stabilization in oxyanion holes: grand jeté to three dimensions highlighted by Robert Paton on April 14th  with 90 views

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